A Seller's Guide To Success

It’s Time to Show Your Home!

Showtime.  This is the moment where all your hard work will pay-off with showings that will impress your buyers!  The steps below will help you show your home in the best possible manner and hopefully secure that offer.

Safety First.  If you are showing your home, it is a good idea to have someone with you.  Have a significant other, family member or even ask a neighbor if they can be present for the showing times.  Schedule single showings and allow plenty of time to show and answer questions the buyer may have.  Don’t overbook!  You want to give 100% attention to your buyer but more importantly, you don’t want them wandering around unattended!

Lock Up Your Valuables.  Do not leave valuables laying around the house.  Use a safe or place hidden from view to store valuables, personal information, or other important items out of sight.

Lighten things up! Turn on the lights and open those blinds and curtains! A well lit home will be open and inviting and let your buyers see every area of detail.  Homes actually appear larger when they have appropriate amounts of lighting. 

Make It Smell Great.  Buy air fresheners, light candles, spray fragrances.  Air fresheners can be placed in strategic locations and out of sight.  Candles will look good on a kitchen island, breakfast table or living room.  Spray fragrances can give an immediate result and work well when sparingly used.  Go for a fragrance that is not over powering.  Ask opinions of others on the smell and gather feedback! 

Adjust the air temperature.  Your temperature may be comfortable to you but if too warm or cold, may make your buyers uncomfortable and not focused on your home.  A good temperature is usually around 75-78 degrees depending on time of the year.  

Show With Confidence.  You are the expert.  You know your home inside and out.  Share relevant information with buyers.  This can be natural as you tour through the home to point out areas a buyer may find interesting.  Think about upgrades or work performed to the home.  Share information on critical items such as age or style of the roof and HVAC.  Any work you performed improving the home is sure to impress and more importantly, it says you have looked after the property!  Tip: Make a list of items so you do not leave them out.  You can leave a nicely printed hand-out with your buyers to share home facts! 

Virtual Home Tours!

Many realtors in today’s market are working with their clients remotely.  There are many ways to sell a home without in-person interaction with a full scope of services that can accommodate a virtual home purchase.

Video Tours.  Live video walkthroughs offer your buyers with convenience and give them an opportunity to “walk-through” your home without being there.  In fact, this can give you the time to show every area of the home inclusing inside closets and other spaces that may be overlooked in person.  Tip: Create a pre-recorded video to send prior to aa video tour.  This will give buyers a chance to ask questions and perhaps focus on a particular area of interest.  

3D Virtual Tour.  If you have access to a 360 camera, you can use online platforms to upload and create a 3D model of your home.  These have gained popularity over the past few years and provide the buyer to “be inside” your home and walk through each room while being able to look all around and zoom in and out.  It is the next best thing to being in your home!  Statistic show homes with a 3D virtual tour are twice as likely to sell than those without.  Bonus: If you would like a low cost 3D virtual tour created for your home, you can order here.


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